books, paper, mixed media

The artist book, Keeping It Together won first place at Southern Art Society’s A Fresh Look Show in 2019. 

This is what Judge Felicia van Bork had to say about the work:  


“The artist books of Lore Spivey, especially the book, Keeping It Together, have the quality of artworks made by an artist for her own delight. There is no sense of any ponderous effort to be impressive, yet these small works communicate technical skill, playfulness, and artistic maturity. It is one thing to make a fine pictorial composition and another to make an interactive object that generates a different beautiful composition with every turn of its varied, perforated pages. While there is variety, there is no chaos. Rather, the materials, colors and textures present a limited palette with which the artist amuses her own astute eye. The cumulative effect is a stroll through a cleverly designed building where each turn of a corner generates another pleasing aspect.