books, paper, mixed media

I began sewing masks today. It was on the news that there was a deadly virus spreading through China, and it was so contagious the rest of the world was put on notice. 

There were several cases already in the United States, but not many were taking it as seriously as it should have been.  Nothing like this has happened in my lifetime. I have read about the Polio epidemic in the late 1800’s - early 1900’s. Early on it was not known how contagious that disease was, and by the time someone figured it out it had widely spread, and there was no vaccine for Polio until 1955. 

I have taken things for granted. Seeing horrible stories of tragedy and pain on the news I would be thankful those events weren’t happening to me - but at the same time it didn’t even seem possible that it could happen to me “Oh, that’s terrible,” I’d think, “ but it’s on the other side of the country, or the world.” Fires, mudslides, hurricanes, pandemics.  I was not uncaring- but it was definitely more sympathy than empathy, because I had nothing to compare in my own life.  Nothing like the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Epidemic has ever happened in my lifetime. 

Unless it’s raining,  the birds are singing outside my window each morning. They have no idea the world is dealing with COVID-19 right now. The sun comes up as normal, and those sweet tweets bring me calm in the midst of this quarantine. I have always been a recluse, so the isolation part of this epidemic is bliss for me. I don’t have to make excuses or find reasons not to go out. I get to stay in my studio for hours with no interruptions. But I do worry about my family and friends. Most people don’t find it easy to stay put for a few days at a time- much less weeks or months.